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Unique English Learning Method

Free Speaking Lesson.

Real English environment

    You learned English in school, then at university, took different courses and hired tutors, but still can`t speak freely? Isn`t it strange to put in so much time and not be able to learn English? Why? The answer is simple – you didn`t have a real English environment!

The top 6 problems that we help our clients solve
  • I can`t speak freely

  • I don`t know how to pronounce words correctly

  • Grammar and articles are mixed up in my head

  • I`m afraid to speak

  • I can say something but slowly or incorrectly

  • I can`t understand songs and movies in English

WHY people choose us
  • Full English Environment

    When you come to us you`ll be speaking only in English. Our rooms have been developed according to the latest technologies which will enhance quick and effective learning of English.

  • The teachers are Americans

    The whole study process is done completely in English. You`ll be in a constant real English environment

  • A new unique learning method

    There won`t be any boring textbooks like in school! You`ll learn through live conversation, interesting exercises and speaking games

  • 100 % Speaking practice

    All the lessons are held by Americans. That`s why you`ll be speaking all the time. It`ll be like you`re in America!!!

  • Quick results

    With our approach and constant interactive speaking environment you`ll be speaking good English in no time!!!

  • A comfortable learning schedule

    Lessons are held at a convenient time for you.

Adult English courses
5 steps to fluent English
  • 1

    You send a request or call us.

  • 2

    We agree on the date of the free lesson.

  • 3

    You come to the free lesson and find out your level.

  • 5

    You pick a program according to YOUR level and goals. You begin learning.

  • 5

    YOU speak fluent English.

Your results after learning English at American World
  • You`ll get used to speaking with native speakers

    and people from around the world. Speaking clubs with guests from different countries are held together with the courses. You`ll be immersed in an English environment!!!

  • You`ll conquer the fear to speak

    With us you will overcome the speaking barrier!!! This will allow you to speak with people in English like a native speaker without being ashamed and afraid of making a mistake.

  • You’ll learn to think like native speakers

    You`ll be able to think in English from the start like you do in your native language and not translate phrases from Ukrainian to English in your head or remember what tense to use.

  • You`ll learn to understand English by ear

    The whole world uses English. That`s why there are a lot of different dialects and accents. You`ll learn the basis and will be able to understand English of the whole world!!!

  • You`ll learn to pronounce words correctly

    Every language has a certain set of sounds. Therefore if you change the sounds, you change the language. You`ll learn to produce the sounds that are used exclusively in the English language

  • You`ll speak English freely!!!

    If you have the desire and are willing to work for it, we will teach you to speak in English like native speakers.

Customer feedback
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Why do some people spend 14 years
learning English but still can`t speak and our students start talking after only a month

Come to our free lesson
and see for yourself how fun and easy learning English can be!

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